favorite role

My favorite role that he portrayed was in, "The Gift" as Buddy.

What is your favorite role of his?

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Saving Private Ryan. I cried when his character died but he was great in other scenes as well.


Although he wasn't onscreen a great deal, I was quite impressed with his appearance in ' The Dead Girl '.


I'm watching the Gift Right Now! I miss him! He's a Great Actor I think!


His work on the show <i>Friends</i> shows his range.

He was hilarious as Condom Boy (that's how he's credited), awkwardly asking Phoebe if he could have back his accidentally donated condom he'd dropped in her guitar case.

As her brother Frank he was sweet, hilariously dim, adorably loving toward his wife, and also nailed the serious parts when he was scared and worried about his wife's health carrying and delivering triplets when in her early 40s.

His reaction to his new children, so overwhelmed with love, is outstanding, so realistic you'd think they were his kids.


The Gift & The Dead Girl are his absolute best.

Cold Mountain
The Postman
The Virgin Suicides
The X-Files

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