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French incarnate

The guy is the most French person i've ever seen. droopy eyes with black bags underneath. the facial hair. the drawling carefree accent

great guy


Not to disagree with your sentiment but it's funny because he was born in Morocco to Spanish parents (from the most southern region in Spain. Andalusia.)

His birth name is Juan Moreno y Herrera–Jiménez.

To be fair the French do overlap with multiple peoples. In the North-West they can have a near British look (the people of Brittany and Normandy have a genetic overlap with the British), in the East they can often look Belgian/Dutch/German/Swiss/Austrian and in the South they overlap with the Spanish. One of the many mixing pots in Europe.

It's one of those countries that's a gradient.


I just looked it up thats super interesting.

LOL I have no answer to that. He seems so stereotypically French. but whether its he looks "French", or I think he looks French because he himself are one of those visible French national actors who helped establish in my mind and others "the French look".