His new book

Finished reading Rebel : My Life Outside the Lines and it's well worth a read, Wouldn't mind a few pints of vodka with old Nolte ⤵️


I'll never forget NN in "Rich Man, Poor Man" - He was just absolutely on fire there. Made the heart soar to watch him work. Ed Asner as his father "Axel Jordache," a man who saw his beloved Germany eviscerated at war. A different POV for the viewer. Nolte trying to establish a relationship with this man, to no avail whatsoever, just the back of his father's hand. Over 40 years ago RM,PM released & it seems like only yesterday.

After RM,PM---all of it still out in front of him.

A most worthy citation, DB. Warms the cockles---of a sodded Cubby---of a Saturday evening.

The old DB comes through once & again!

The old DB!!!


Rich Man, Poor Man was excellent, still one of the best mini series there's ever been. Nolte says he was approached to star in the follow up but as a different character obviously but he had no interest at all.

Yep Nolte is great, pity he's not picked up an Oscar yet.

Your welcome pal 👍