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Considering he leads a far more charmed life than most white people in the world, he needs to take a seat.

He didn't have a problem with these white men when he was getting started in Hollywood. How brave of him to moan about it after making his fortune.


none of that shit you just wrote makes any sense , or at least has any validity to it.


I don't really care one way or another about the subject, but knee-jerk, lame-ass responses like moviechatterer's annoy me.

Doesn't make sense? Let me translate: He believes Eddie leaves a charmed life. You don't think Eddie has? Guy's been a huge star since he was 21.

Eddie has gotten rich and never complained about how he made his money. I have been around for the entirety of Eddie's career and I never heard him complain. I'll validate that.

In case you still need a translation: Azure thinks Eddie is jumping on the bandwagon. That makes sense as an opinion to me.

What you wrote I could say the same thing about any of your comments.


he literally says he led a charmed life in this weeks parade magazine that comes in the newspaper


Quite right

Many white people are racist retards, then hate it when people correctly criticise them. Morons



a white dude



Perhaps 'Hollywood' is ran by 'Whites' because they invented it?
Or are you now going to claim "WE WUZ LUMIERE AN SHIIIT" like all the other bullshit inventions, that blacks try to hijack ownership of (despite the fact that by-and-large, Black people haven't invented shit of any worth)
Perhaps if Murphy (or yourself) feel so bad about 'racism' in Hollywood, that the pair of you put your money where your mouths are and create your own movie system. Get Michael Jordan, Gay-Z, Tyler Perry, Lewis Hamilton and all the other millionaire malcontent motherfuckers, and set up your own 'system' and not rely on likewise 'white dollars' to fund and pay for your product.....Better yet move to your spiritual motherland and set up an entire 'studio system' and release your product by-and-for your badly-done-to brothers-from-other-mothers (who incidentially, won't beat, rape, rob, kill and eat you.....and not necessarily in that order) instead of living in the (racist-corrupt) western world.....that you claim to hate.....whilst constantly bleating on about 'diversity' and demanding majority rights for minority numbers.

A (non-self-hating) white dude.

And to save you replying, I get it, I'm a 'Racist' (tm) who basks in 'white-privilege' and has owned many slaves (likely you and your family) and you'd quite like some reperations for such oppression....and you're about to dig out the history books (but only as far back as colonialism, whilst conveniently forgetting who invented slavery, sold their own and still practice it to this very day)

Have I missed any other 'offence' 'indignity' or 'insult' you were about to vomit up (in your quest to be the top troll around here?)

If so, I grant you permission to reply?


entertaining , i especially liked the self depracating "save you replying" section

so , are inventions only allowed to be used by people of the same color as the inventor?
I mean , that'd include all the white redneck meth addicted trailer trash who beat, rape, rob, kill and eat you. Why should they get access to the Hollywood pie?

Also thered be a whole bunch of japanese electronics innovation we whites wouldnt be allowed to use


No....inventions can (and are meant to) be used by all.
I can appreciate any/all technology and it's respective birthplace........Something that (multi-millionaire) Eddie Murphy can not (apparently) which is the point I'm making.

He (like others) currently reside in a country that's so oppressive to them, so inexclusive, so racist.....and they do all their 'bitching' from the safety of whatever mansion they're in that week.
However, I notice you didn't cite *ONE* worthwhile invention by black people
You could have shut down my post, and reeled off a long and extensive list of 'black' inventions (other than slavery.....and I already beat you to the punch on that one)
In fact, you could have refuted anything I said (about Slavery, it's origins and it's current practitioners) but you didn't.

You instead argue the semantics on inventions and/or their uses....(mmmmm, very telling?)


well , that black guy on Terminator 2 invented the end of ther world :)

I admit none sprung to mind so i had to google this:
Automatic Elevator Doors.
Improved Ironing Board.
Refrigerated Trucks.
Three-Signal Traffic Light.
Home Security System.
Central Heating Furnace.

on slavery - there is still white slavery as well as non white, even in 1st world countries

all the talk about Eddie M's mansion somewhat misses the point , he's not bitching about racism holding him back, as he managed to beat it , he's talking about generaL racism, (possibly local hollywood racism) towards other black folk who dont get opportunities due to colour.

This conversation about who invented what is a separate fork , were supposed to be a civilised country , and not make people second class citezens beause a wjite guy inventesd the telephone and a black didnt.


A couple of points:

Every invention you cited were merely add-ons to pre-existing creations (and this is the best that even 'biased' google can come up with?)

'White Slavery' isn't confined to just 'white' ownership and/or subjects. Although (not documented) it is believed that whites (europeans, etc) have suffered under slavery in far greater numbers than blacks. But history books aren't allowed to go back too far....otherwise blacks might be forced to look back at their own 'dark' (pun intended) past?

Once again, you don't seem to addressing the fact that Blacks willingly sold their own to anyone with money (you don't think the English were over in darkest Africa with 'butterfly nets' do you?) Why is this issue always (conveniently) over-looked when blacks bleat on about slavery?

But despite the Vikings or Ottoman Empire, white people never moan about history.....Hell, I can still watch Dolph Lundgren movies, without feeling the need to Burn my city down, or Kill my own kind (in far greater numbers) or Demand reperations.
(primarily because blacks seem to have the whole 'victimhood' complex sewn up)

Perhaps, as I (and others) have stated, that if Eddie Murphy feels injustice towards himself (or other artists) that he put his money were his mouth is.....and stop moaning about a studio system that was INVENTED by whites (in a majority white country) Eddie Murphy is (by-and-large) a lucky, rich, ingrate that is now jumping on a PC bandwagon to bemoan a 'system' that has made him rich. You can (and likely will) argue all day around that with 'word-salad'....but that's what he is.....and that's what he's done (and I'll gladly call him, or his defenders out on such bullshit, each and every time)

(Quote) "This conversation about who invented what is a separate fork , were supposed to be a civilised country , and not make people second class citezens beause a white guy invented the telephone and a black didnt" Perhaps Murphy should follow this advice also, considering he's made far more money from 'White-Hollywood' than most whites have?

If you (or Eddie Murphy) in a 'googling' mood, try looking up Anthony Johnson (1600 - 1670)

Oh, one more thing.....
'Improved Ironing Boards'?

I laughed so hard reading that, my morning coffee came out of my nose. I hope there's a 'Google-Doodle' for such a ground-breaking invention?


Good response seagal72. I bet the average SJW doesn't realize that the word slave comes from Slav. In the middle ages, celts, angles, saxons and slavs (oh my) were enslaved by muslims in the middle east and in Africa. This practice continued on into the early 1800s. Kind of outlived the whole african slave trade lol.


You should learn some history, or at least some other takes on history before your go off on race.

"The History of White People" by Nell Irvin Painter"

Telling perhaps the most important forgotten story in American history, eminent historian Nell Irvin Painter guides us through more than two thousand years of Western civilization, illuminating not only the invention of race but also the frequent praise of “whiteness” for economic, scientific, and political ends. A story filled with towering historical figures, The History of White People closes a huge gap in literature that has long focused on the non-white and forcefully reminds us that the concept of “race” is an all-too-human invention whose meaning, importance, and reality have changed as it has been driven by a long and rich history of events.

Dr. Nell Irvin Painter - "The History of White People"

It's pretty interesting.


There are no (quote) "Other Takes On History"....only history.

Your link (like every comment you've made) is baseless.
If you wish to refute ANYTHING i've said about it.
You clearly feel passionate enough to question what I've said, but with no words of your own (just copy-and-paste bullshit about some pointless, agenda-driven, psuedo-intelllectual, victimhood garbage, written by a black woman)
If anything I've said about blacks inventing slavery, selling their own and *STILL* practising it to this very day, is inaccurate....please disprove it (not with smug links to more black-washing bullshit) and certainly *NOT* with "Other Takes on history"....but with facts.

Nothing you (or Nell Irvin Painter) say is remotely interesting......just bullshit.

Put the fuck up, or shut the fuck up.


You just show how uneducated you are with every post ... I just enjoy rubbing it in because when you react with all your whining and swearing it proves I am right.


Like I said, put up or shut up.
If I'm so undeducated...prove me wrong.
You won't (because you can't)
So instead, you make false, compensatory claims (like your beloved Miss Painter) that somehow you're on top of things....when you haven't said ONE thing of substance about this topic.

Only the truth will (quote) "prove you're right" and so far, you haven't said anything.
So please keep (quote) "Rubbing it in".....I'll enjoy dismantling your argument (if indeed, you have one?)


white guilt

*Fixed it for ya*


well , theres feeleing guily about what your ancestors did like its your fault and you could have done something about it.
thats what i assume "white guilt" means

and theres being concerned that non white people are still second class citizens , in the our society in the present day
which is something else

and theres not being bothered about that, and crying like a baby when anyone tries to take your white privilidge (ie even out , ie equality) , which is racism.


But more are not.


Retards, morons... I bet you have a lot of friends.


While you are correct, any correct criticism toward a racial minority is considered racist.


Simple answer really.

Go and start your own production company with the millions of dollars you have been paid from the racist white man and make your own films. Hire all black crew and actors. No one will stop you. No racism then is there *sighs*

My guess is he won't. It is far easier to complain from a distance when your rich than actually do anything about it. Keep getting paid by the racist white man and the complain after the paycheck has cleared. None of these actors have any backbone or morals.

If the industry is so racist then do something about it.


'White men run this business': Eddie Murphy discusses racism and the lack of diversity in the film industry

Could he be any more clueless? The very reason there is a film industry is because it makes money for the investors. If more money could be made by increasing diversity, they would have done it.

Even if Hollywood execs were racists (his not so veiled charge), they would still go for the bucks.

Consider the NBA. Is the fact that the NBA is less than 20% white because the owners are forcing diversity, or are they just hiring the best players they can? I'm sure there are racist NBA team owners, but they are more capitalist than racist.

Way back when Eddie Murphy was able to reliably put fannies in the seats, he was getting more offers and scripts than he could read. He should put his money where his mouth is, purchase a script and front the money to a studio to make a film the way he thinks it should be made. The risk and the rewards are his. Otherwise he should shut his hole.


True.The only color Hollywood really cares about is green.If Denzel walked in and said i want to make this script and do it my way they would roll out the red carpenter because he sells seats.Murphy, and this is coming from a big fan, just doesn't have that star power any more.Supposed racist Hollywood didn't hinder his career his bad movie choices over the years did.


I didn't read any "moaning" in that article.. He pretty much told the truth. The only thing that he got wrong was about women, being minorities. But white men do run Hollywood. I don't think that you even read the article that you posted.


I did read the article, and for the life of me, I don't see the reason why Murphy felt the need to bring up colour at all (but he did) and given that he'll likely come a close 2nd to Ike Turner (in the 'Spouse Of The Year' awards) I too, found his comments about women laughable.....But no more laughable than his comments about 'White Hollywood' (he might as well rounded it off with similar revelatory gems, such as....Water is wet....Sky is blue) but let's not kid anyone here, he mentioned Hollywood (and it's owners) for a reaction (plain and simple) likely to garner publicity for the fact that 'Coming To America 2' needs all the help it can get (given that the first movie was cat-shit out of a dog's-arse, but had the decency to be released 30 years prior, back when he was somewhat popular......and everyone could marvel at his Benny-Hill-Arious baritone laugh mixed with his falsetto "Get The Fuck Out Of Here")

He was never funnier.....................................................................................Sadly.


First movie was second highest grossing movie of its year. That's some dog, and some arse.


What on God's-blue-and-green-misery-orb has it's box-pffice gross got to do with the fact that it's a pile of shit?

So, by your own rationale....'Avengers Endgame' is the greatest movie ever?


I did not say that box-office what the only or even the major criterion ... so you are just dishonest and not very comprehensive reader. I don't even like the movie, but it was not bad as that kind of movie goes, which I do not like, but some people do. You are so self-centered you think you can decide for everyone on matter of taste, which makes you absurd.


I call a film shit

You say "it was second highest grossing movie of its year"

I reply "What has it's box-pffice gross got to do with it"

You respond with (quote) "so you are just dishonest" and "You are so self-centered" and then round it off with "I don't even like the movie"

But apparently, I'm absurd?

Methinks 'English' is not your first your responses are neither grammatically correct, nor logical.


Naw, younothinks, you blurt and belch



Speak English, you're not stood outside the seven-eleven (with your gang-banging cronies)
It's idiotic enough talking 'ebonics'....but typing them, makes you look a special breed of idiot?


You're a bit thick to not pick up on the fact that I care what you think I look like?


(Quote) "You're a bit thick to not pick up on the fact that I care what you think I look like?"

Which (to civilised, educated, English speaking people) infers that you DO care.

Perhaps if you weren't some backward, inbred, dullard, you would have typed (quote)

"I *DON'T* care what you think I look like?"

But the again, none of your replies make sense?
Yet all you do is question other people's intelligence (with nonsensical gibberish, no less)

You've been asked (several times now) to refute anything I've said....and all you fire back with is grammatically incorrect ebonics.....and yet you're under the bizarre impression that you're somehow my intellectual equal (let alone, superior)

I'm not the weak willed (pandering) PC government or a self-hating subsection of society that are forced to lie to you (and tell you that your opinion counts.....when it clearly doesn't)

I'm not some 'affirmative action' program that gives you breaks you clearly don't deserve.

Next time you try to pick an argument, try to know what the fuck you're talking about, or at very least *attempt* to string semi-coherent words together.....that way you won't look like the backtracking, ill-educated, waste of oxygen, that you obviously are?


It is an EASILY verifiable FACT that white men do not run Hollywood.



But who does? Blue men?


I think he means the 'Heebs'


Oh great. Another racist. Maybe it's just me, but Jews look as white as any other white person I've ever seen.


Personally, I care little who owns or runs Hollywood, but let's face it, the Jews run pretty much everything (apart from Auschwitz....and even then, they're on a percentage)

The only characteristic I ask for, to like anyone (be they white, black, blue or green) is this:


I have no time for arseholes like Eddie Murphy (or his white, blue or green equivalent) whilst they peddle their guilt-tripping bullshittery.


He's right. It's all white people fault. It was their fault for hiring him as well. So racist.


Interesting article. I am surprised that Murphy is that thoughtful.
I am sure it is true, and double-good on Murphy for discussing it for others and not
moaning about white people (once again) for himself. He has no complaints.
So ... he is not really moaning, just telling it like it is.