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Happy Birthday and R.I.P.


When there's no more room in hell, The dead will walk the earth...


Warm memories and thoughts of a great talent

Love you in such films as

Days of Wine and Roses

Grumpy Old Men films (with legendary Meredith and Matthau)

The Odd Couple (also with awesome Matthau)

Felix Ungar: I'm a neurotic nut,but you're crazy!

Oscar Madison:Not in other words.Those are the perfect ones!

The Odd Couple


HB and RIP, sir.


Happy Birthday and RIP to a great actor.

Mr. Shue, let me be your Britney


may he rest in peace I just saw him in My fellow American's Thanks for sharing your talent with us.


happy birthday and may you rest in peace. I just saw him in A weekend in the country