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Jennifer Jason Leigh: Quick Change Artist

Posted by lebeau

The September 1992 issue of Movieline magazine featured a cover story on Jennifer Jason Leigh and a headlined that boldly proclaimed the actress a “future Oscar winner”. That seemed like a relatively safe bet at the time given the critical adoration heaped on Leigh up to that point. But to date, Leigh has only been nominated for one Academy Award for The Hateful Eight in 2015. Writer Stephen Rebello also predicted that Leigh’s next movie, the thriller Single White Female, would lead to more parts in mainstream movies. Turns out, that didn’t happen either.


Thanks for the link. The quote that gets me: "That she transforms herself from movie to movie–the walk, the talk, the affect.." I can't believe this is the same person between Ridgemont High, Rush, Single White Female, and then...Hudsucker Proxie. Wow, this is acting at it's best. Stand aside, Meryl, your acting almost pales in comparison.