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How does this guy still get work?

Seriously, this guy is one of the consistently worst working actor today, and almost always ends up in flops.

Robin Hood - Flop. His mush mouth delivery of lines would have been comical if not so annoying! How can people ruin such classic material? Oh wait, he also helped ruin "Moby Dick", "Frankenstein", and "Dune". Seems like a hellofa trend.

A.I. - His 5 minute wooden performance was thankfully short. Film was almost universally panned.

Dune - His mongoloid voiced Duke Leto Atreides sounded like he had Down's syndrome, and w.h. played him as if he was even more half-witted. This film was disowned by Dune fans, and was poor even for a Sci-Fi channel project.

The Incredible Hulk - joke of a film with hurt so out of place it wasn't even funny.

Frankenstein - did anyone like this? Hell did anyone even survive watching it to the end?

Lost in Space - Complete flop, but hell it's hard to find a money maker on this clod's resume!

He's got the Manure touch. Everything he touchs turns to $#!T


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Pretty one sided- Hurt screws up because he is so adventurous- he exposes his limits with that adventerousness- in any case he really is in his own field- a true one off!


He's 10 times better at acting than you'll ever be at your job, loser.


Lost in Space and Hulk were dramatic stretches for this "actor"?

You prove my point sir.


It amazes me how you can criticize his performance in Moby Dick, considering there hasn't even been a trailer for that yet.


"A.I. - His 5 minute wooden performance was thankfully short. Film was almost universally panned. "

A movie with certified fresh rating on rotten tomatoes was universally panned? Okaaay....


Anyone who judges an actor by how much money his films make cannot be taken seriously.

Go watch Will Smith. His films make more money than anyone else, so he must be your number 1.

Never be complete.


Will Smith is a tremendous dramatic actor as well though. I think he's an exception to the rule as far as money/talent goes.