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Anything good from him of late? what to watch?

i like him as an actor, not in love with him so i haven't seen everything he's in

the last film i saw with Hurt in it was Incredible Hulk back in 2008

the last good movie i saw with Hurt in it was Into the Wild but he had such a minor role

the last great acting moment i saw from him was A History of Violence back in 2005

i want more of that! i know he's capable of great things

i have seen all of his classics from the 80s & 90s (i.e. The Big Chill, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Children of a Lesser God, Broadcast News etc)

but it seems he hasn't been in anything interesting the past decade or did i miss something?

can someone recommend me something good from him?



I think the closest you're gonna get to Richie in A History of Violence (for what regards his roles 2000 onwards) is Mr. Brooks (2007) where he plays Kevin Costner's evil sidekick and totally out-acts him in my opinion. Sort of entertaining.

The Yellow Handkerchief (2008) was a nice little one too, nothing incredible but I loved his acting, he's one of the main characters there.

He was also good in The King (2005), and Gael Garcia Bernal's performance in that one is a plus too, if you want to watch. Oh, and the best scene in The Village (2004) is definitely his character's monologue/speech scene.

Also there's Too Big to Fail (HBO? I think, TV film from 2011), he plays Henry Paulson and it's quite a good one. I think he carries the movie, especially when it all gets too intense and heavy with technical details.

I haven't watched The Challenger (another TV movie, from 2013) but I've read nice things about it, so I'm planning to see that myself.

Late Bloomers (2001) was all in all far from amazing, but it was nice to watch him act opposite Isabella Rossellini (honestly, she's the highlight there).

The latest thing I watched in which he starred was Days and Nights (2014), I was expecting something more from the movie but Hurt's range in it is great.

Hope this helps!

PS: Have you seen Rare Birds (2001)? Ridiculous movie, quite weird, but he definitely should do more comedies.


wow thank you for this

i'm going to look into: Mr Brooks (always wanted to see it), The Yellow Handkerchief, and Rare Birds


Nice! Let me know what you think of them :-)


He's on "Goliath" via Amazon Prime aka cable aka TV. Just saying...


......and it's really good


Saw his dong in goliath (amazon original) the other night. Quite surprised.