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Really Overrated actor

I've followed his career since the 80's, and he's gone from good to pretty lame. Maybe he's just being miscast, but this role in Goliath was hard to watch.

He was brilliant in Kiss of the Spiderwoman, and the Big Chill, among others, but those were 30 years ago.

The role of Cooperman should've gone to someone like Tommy Lee Jones, Kris Kristofferson, or Samuel L. Jackson.

The thing with Hurt is that he's very kind of an upper class WASP, and just doesn't have the chops to make for a convincing bad guy.

That said, the role was a bit absurd, anyway. His role was written as half Bond villain, but he never backed it up with anything particularly demented or scary. There were two times that he lost his temper and started yelling, and it was laughably unconvincing.

The rest of the time he just mumbled and had no charisma.

Poorly cast. I think he needs to get back to more artsy fartsy roles.


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