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Carrie Fisher interview 1980

While surfing around a site that has archived a lot of local Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota) TV news broadcasts and other local shows, I came across an interview with Carrie Fisher from 1980. First thought: how young she was. Yep, I know, it was 40 years (!) ago and time passes, but still... The interview was part of a local afternoon talk show.

The interviewer first asked her about the pressure on actresses to be thin. Carrie replied that it was difficult. At the time, they wanted her to lose 10# which isn't much. But at 5'1" she weighed only 105# and at that weight it was really tough to lose even that. During filming of the second movie and working 12-hour days, she was down to just 85 pounds. Her nickname at that time was Tweezer.

The interviewer also asked if, following the huge success of the first film, there was pressure during production of the second one. Carrie said she didn't think the actors felt any, but maybe others did. Carrie gave credit to the writers for continuing the story and developing the characters more.

The interviewer also asked Carrie about being typecast for her Princess Leia role. Carrie's response was that if you have to be saddled with something, Star Wars is a good thing to be associated with.