Congrats [email protected]@wipes

To those of you who can't keep politics off the boards and keep b*tching about sexuality, race, etc, and who cannot keep a level head whenever someone disagrees with you... YOU are the frucking reason the boards are closing down. Are you happy now? Wankers!

IMDb: A place where actors are complimented for their acting, actresses for their boobs



I am very unhappy about this news too...

The Flamers, Trolls, & Haters can go rot in hell.


One good thing to come out of the IMDB boards shutting down is that the dumb ass keyboard thugs I knew who talked the most shit with their brain damaged followers cheering them on were separated from most of their minions and barely post on any site. No one to bully or impress and now it's just them and their socks...