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Jeff Bridges Ten Best Films

My personal Top 10

1. Starman
2. Fearless
3. The Big Lebowski
4. The Last Picture Show
5. The Fabulous Baker Boys
6. Arlington Road
7. The Contender
8. Jagged Edge
9. Crazy Heart
10. Thunderbolt & Lightfoot


When I think of the excellence that is Jeff Bridges, I think of two movies. Arlington Road and Starman. These are a bit older, especially Starman, but are well, well, well worth a look up. Arlington Road has so much of his emotion, especially in the last third of the movie, in his character. Starman as an emotionless, stiff and mechanical extraterrestrial stranded and trying to learn on the fly, and then giving his unknowing human accomplice an ultimate and precious miracle.

A lot of people lean towards his performance as The Dude, even if his rug kinda tied the room and the movie together. But I think it pales in comparison as it is made for less exposure in theaters, almost as a straight to DVD movie basking In it's own quality humor.

Bravo and well done, Mr. Bridges. I am sure there are others, but these are the two that always stick out in my mind.