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if i was on a movie set and this guy freaked out on me I would drop his ass

well I wouldn't fight him, I know there's a lot of high school antics on some movie sets and seriously though I would be like " oh you're Batman? good for you-you royal dick, and then I would be like " you wanna get nutz? lets get nutz! " and then i would fart on him,

dude, I'm not exactly sure what happened but as corrupt celebrities and how power hungry some stars can get, I wouldn't let it phase me, if they won't respect you they don't deserve respect.

sorry, I know this was years ago, but I kinda wish I could get in the guy getting yelled at shoes.


Yeah, you're just such a badass.


well everyone in Hollywood fears for their job, I'm just saying, throw that out the window and tell Batman to chill. If I'm not welcome is one thing but if you're in my face and especially an A-list actor I would be intimidated but seriously, I hated Nolan's Batman anyhow

its long and stressful and repetitive, just if a lead actor is in my face, why not shove it back in his face?

maybe I've been collecting disability too long to be in fear for my job, behavioral problems and what not but I was just running the scenario through my head even though it was ages ago