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Apparently his "Star Trek" movie might actually get made.


Seriously, Tarantino's cynicism and love of pulp violence has absolutely no place in the Trek universe, not even in the Kelvin timeline.


I can't wait to see Spock to curb stomp a Romulan and yell - JOLAN TRU, MUTHA-FUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


You think you're joking, but...


Eh, I am kind of interested to see what his take on it would be like. Too early to judge imo and just because he's done these others movies in the past doesn't mean he can't do something different with this. Recent trek movies haven't been really faring well anyway in the box office if not the ratings.


I like the idea. Tarantino is a true fan of the original Star Trek, & I guarantee he wouldn’t have anything to do with a ST film if he didn’t have a great idea for the movie.

The last two films, & even the first one weren’t that great story wise. The 3rd film written by Simon Pegg almost ruined this franchise, again. So I for one am looking forward to something new. He knows Star Trek. I highly doubt he’d diverge from the source material too much.


I love Star Trek, but I also love Tarantino, so I'm actually interested in seeing how he's going to direct this, believe it or not.


Agreed. The franchise has been already bastardized to sell propaganda. So, why not watching what Tarantino could get out of it?

Right now, it can't go worse. And Tarantino is hands down the best director to remake 70s/80s style right now. JJ Abrams copypastes the aesthetic, throws some mystery box and then leaves because he doesn't know what to do with it.

Tarantino takes the old stuff and creates something new. He's the real deal.


But Tarantino's cynical seventies/eighties vibe is all wrong for TOS, which was incredibly sixties. That was an era when any loopy idea could be taken seriously, colors were vivid and hair was extreme, and even though war was raging and riots filled the land - optimism about the futuristic future was boundless. The space program was new, and science was cool! (Gone are the days.)

Tarantino is incapable of optimism, or enthusiasm. Well, he's enthusiastic about violence, but whoever makes the next TOS ripoff should be capable of enthusiasm about the future, about science, about interesting characters, and about the wonders of the galaxy.


• «The space program was new, and science was cool! (Gone are the days.)»


Yeap. And it hurts. We've gone downhill since then.

• «But Tarantino's cynical seventies/eighties vibe is all wrong for TOS, which was incredibly sixties»

I agree. But modern Star Trek is garbage. There's nothing to lose. And who knows? Perhaps Tarantino could get the right vibe. I'd rather take that risk before another Abrams/Alex Kurtzman Star Trek iteration. You might as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb.


"There's nothing to lose. And who knows? Perhaps Tarantino could get the right vibe."

I do disagree, but without my usual fervor, because yeah - there's no real hope of anyone getting it right. I'm no fan of Abrams but there are worse out there, and IMHO that includes Tarantino.

Of course, some times a movie that's epically, disastrously, fascinatingly godawful is more fun than one that's just mediocre, and IMHO there's a good chance of that happening if they go ahead with that SOB Tarantino!


I disagree. I think there's a chance with Tarantino (vs. zero with Abrams)

It's true that he always has that 70s vibe... but he always used 70s source material. Even when he went on western, he din't use classic western but Peckimpah and Leone as a reference.

However, there's no 70s Star Trek source material. It's either 60s or 90s. So... can he adapt his style? Honestly, no idea. It's a shot in the dark. Worst scenario, we have Reservoir Trek. Best scenario, we have something interesting and new based in the original series' vibe. I'd take that chance without any doubt.


I was one of the few that thought "Into Darkness" was really good and even great in some ways; but "Beyond" was missing something and even a mite eye-rolling.

I think someone creative and risk-taking like Tarantino is exactly what Star Trek needs. His style is colorful, inventive, quirky, kinetic and shocking; and he's outstanding with dialogue, which is actually interesting rather than just furthering the plot, not to mention he loves borrowing bits from the 60s-70s. So why wouldn't he be able to pull it off?