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Hes a dork plain and simple.


At the end of the movie Scarface during the dinner scene with his wife Al Pacino says "you're stoned". He should have said "You're high". Only dorks dont know the difference between stoned and high.Maybe he just have said "you're fucked out of your head" or something. Seems like he thinks people on coke get "stoned", or stoned is an acceptable word for all drugs. It's not. Coke and pot are about as different as two drugs get. This annoyed me the first time I watched it and every time i've ever remembered that scene.

He made the movie Nixon where apparently he thought a stocky, fat-faced Welshman would be the obvious choice to play the scrawniest man to be president *this side* of the 1840s - Richard M. Nixon. LOL. And it's just an incredibly simplistic and hammy bunch of crap with Nixon acting "paranoid" for 3 hours. A toddler could have pieced that movie together.

Platoon is his only vaguely respectable movie because ultimately its a tribute to what a clusterfuck Vietnam was and yet deep down it's still ridiculous cause all the most ridiculous and outrageous things that are supposed/reported to have happened in the Vietnam war, happen to one platoon in about one day. LOL. Not subtle. And dude, how come you're showing US troops molesting vietnamese kids (really doubt that was a regular occurence if at all) but not once in the film does he actually reflect on how oppressive Communism itself is. Which is the WHOLE REASON PEOPLE SUPPORTED THE WAR IN THE FIRST PLACE. Not very subtle propaganda, you fat, Communist-fantasist, 47-year-old AV-club dork.

He made the incredibly sad lame movie "u-Turn" which is a desperately dull and inane wannabe of films such as the awesome early 90s flick "Red Rock West". It's got a completely unlikable central character but we were supposed to side with him just cause he's surrounded by "hicks", which are every pseudointellectual dork's favourite easy target. "LOOK AT THESE KUNTRY PPPL! AREN'T DEEY DUMB!!". That movie had a script that I would have written when I was 11. Hideous. There are actually people that *LIKED* that movie. Baby Jesus fucking sobs into his corn flakes over that.

Most episodes of Baywatch have probably dated better than the movie Natural Born Killers. I mean, at least they have boobs. There's so much more, probably but I've covered the important stuff. I never saw Salvador. I hope Oliver Stone gets face leprosy from rimming Hugo Castr... I mean Chavez's corpse. Am i allowed to say that?