Facing bankruptcy


https://youtu.be/qktc4-9mXXc (full)

I can't tell if he's still in acting mode. He sniffs a bit then stops and acts all serious. I think he still thinks he's Frank Underwood.


I’m pro Kevin. He got a rough deal. I like him as an actor but I can kinda see the acting here, or over acting!
Sure he’s frustrated and hit hard but I found the interview to be a tad unfortunate. M2c


Same, AS an actor he's great but his IRL stuff has been rough for him. People need to separate the two.


I laughed at it. It was so hilarious.

Every time you see sobbing actor just remember - it's their job to cry on cue. They can act any emotion and there is nothing sincere about them. All of them are fake.

He is so fake and even his acting here is bad. He plays character named Kevin Spacey who got cancelled for being s-predator and who wants people to feel sorry for him.

It is obvious that Kevin Spacey is sociopath. He can't feel any emotions. He imitates them.

Also don't forget - they mean they are "rich people bankrupt". It's not like he has nothing to eat. It means he would have to move out from fancy big home and settle for smaller. And maybe fly economy class instead of private plane.

Also people gave him advice - find a job. Like a real one. There are many jobs out there. But actors all want to only have those acting jobs with huge paycheck and would just sit and wait for years for that "right role" while whining how poor they are.

And remember - this guy made tons of famous movies and has to have residuals. Like a lot of them. So he is lying he has no money. He just doesn't have millions like he used to. Probably spend them all while being cancelled living rich life. But no new millions are coming.