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Will Charlie Sheen's career ever recover?

No, it won’t.

Charlie Sheen is finished as a drawing performer in Hollywood.

Besides the debacle that was his departure from the television series Two and a Half Men, his followup series Anger Management isn’t attracting significant interest in syndication and his film career has been dead for almost two decades. Basically he is in a career rut of his own making and from which it would be impossible for him climb out of even if there weren’t other issues.


His drug use/abuse - Charlie Sheen has had substance abuse problems for nearly 30 years. While he recently claimed that he had beaten his addictions (again) there’s simply no reason to believe him and so major productions aren’t going to take a chance doing so. Unlike Robert Downey Jr., Sheen was never a stellar performer in films or on television and so it’s unlikely that he would experience the career turnaround that Downey has.

His mental and emotional issues - Beyond his drug abuse, it’s clear that Charlie Sheen has one or more issues with mental illness. While that’s treatable and he seems to be able to moderate his excesses on occasion, it’s just too risky to use him when you cannot be certain that he’ll be able to “maintain” long enough to complete your project. While he might be good in cameo roles, anything beyond that is a risk and he’s not a big enough box office draw to make it an acceptable.

His health - Since Sheen came out and admitted that he had contracted HIV/AIDS (Which considering what it’s cost him was a surprisingly brave thing to do) it’s likely that many productions which may have considered using him have factored that into the equation and decided to look for another performer. While there are probably multiple actors who are suffering from the same chronic illness, most of them don’t come with Sheen’s other baggage. His roles going forward would have to be careful chosen; and it’s unlikely that he would be capable of traveling to location shoots where endemic illnesses are a common problem.

So no, questioner, Charlie Sheen will never again be an actor of any consequence in Hollywood.

However, if media report are true, then Charlie Sheen will be able to “manage” for the remainder of his life, even if he doesn’t find any other acting roles. Despite selling his profit participation in Two and a Half Men, Sheen still apparently owns his rights from Anger Management. He’s rumored to earn at least $500k per month in royalties, which is more than enough for the majority of people to maintain a decent lifestyle.


Maybe his Uncle Joe Estevez can hook him up with a part in one of his crappy movies.


I would say that it is very doubtful that Charlie Sheen will be able to resurrect his career. I say this because Charlie Sheen has burned a lot of bridges in Hollywood. His substance abuse issues have caused him to be considered as unreliable, and I do not believe that major networks would be willing to sink a large amount of money into a person that they cannot rely upon.

The other issue is based on his health. Charlie Sheen has openly admitted that he is HIV positive. Based on this, and despite the fact that there are many effective retroviral medications, there is going to be a reluctance by actresses to join in romantic scenes and situations with Charlie Sheen.

Lastly, I would say that Charlie Sheen might be now considered as “old news.” There are new actors that have come on the scene and are able to provide the same comedic ability that Charlie Sheen is just not needed like he was ten to fifteen years ago.

All of this is a shame because he and Jon Cryer played off each other very well, and his series “Two and a Half-Men” was one that had a large and regular audience. Perhaps future actors will learn from the travails of Charlie Sheen.


I hope he experiences a renaissance decade from 2020. He was deemed a Jew Hater by Chuck Lorre and had Hollywood big shorts cancel his privileges all over town. He could not get a table during his "winning period" His HIV is a huge insurance cluster f... uuu ck and many will not hire him cuz the premiums are too high.


Honestly I think his HIV reveal brought what was left of his career to a close. Charlie already had burned A LOT of bridges but knowing that he went so far as to obtain HIV and that he probably gave it to others, or at least risked giving it to others is just beyond the beyonds.
Honestly, all this is probably good for honest citizens no longer have to be victimized by Charlie running amok with porn stars, hookers, drugs, more drugs, crashing cars into ravines, hookers being held hostage in hotel rooms, shattered glass at every place Charlie visits, no more spreading his HIV, etc. Aside from the entire world population being safer it looks like Charlie has finally woke up and decided to stop being a derelict rich kid druggy intent on destroying lives. He prolly has 10-15 million left to support his ex-wives and 6-12 kids(who knows?) for at least another decade. Man, Charlie snorted and shot up a ton of _ _ _ _!