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If he end in jail, should he be worried on the showers?

He's now living on russia probably because he knows in America he is at risk of a case similar as those against Weisntein and Cosby get open against him, but if return and in fact end up in jail for nailing some teen in 90's, should he be worried of being F** in the ass for a gang of concern parents/convicts? rapers never are well receive for the rest of the criminals on prison, murders, kdnappers, robers, drugdealers, normally have moral desdain for rapist.

And to be honest I dont think his Bullshito style will work very well on a prison showers, Somehow I can't imagine all the criminals running at him to penetrated his ass and he stopping all of them by barely touch them like he do in those retarded demostration he does on Russia.

Something like these LOL


A Kung Fu lord should know that the word is “bushido.”