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His Underrated Films

Did a similar thread on Robert De Niro page, We know both men classic film's and performance's but what about Pacino's underrated work and hidden gems in his long film career. Some might not agree with the choices I make but here it goes.

The Panic In Needle Park - Again I don't know if this is underrated but it's definitely not talked about when many talk about Pacino's greatest performances that's for sure. The film itself is excellent but is sadly overlooked with what follows.

Scarecrow- A film with Pacino and Hackman (there only team up as both didn't get along), From the same director of Needle Park. With one of Pacino more touching performances. Both him and Hackman are great and one of the lost gem's of American 70's cinema.

...And Justice for all- Again don't know if this is underrated or not, but it's definitely not talked about when it comes to Pacino best performances. The Film itself is one of Pacino's hidden gems.

Cruising- One of Pacino's more understated roles. One of underrated classic's of the 80's.

Revolution- Get the Director's cut of this, and it's not a lost classic but deserves more love then it gets. I think Pacino is great in this.

Frankie and Johnny- A bit like De Niro, Pacino doesn't do too many romantic roles and this is one is really a sweet film. Him and Pfeiffer are great.

The Merchant of Venice- Pacino does Shakespeare and it hold's up as a very good adaption.

Chinese Coffee- Pacino Directing, and delivers a nicely paced two hander with Jerry Orbach. A Hidden gem.

Danny Collins- One of Pacino's better later day performances and films.


Cruising and 88 Minutes arebhis worse films imo and I will never watch them again.


The Merchant of Venice
Donnie Brasco
Phil Spector
Glengarry Glen Ross
Dick Tracy
Finding Richard
Sea of Love
Bobby Deerfield