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Controversial comments

I heard rumors that he made some controversial comments a few years ago and it sort of ruined his career, he hasn't had many big roles in recent years, does anyone remember exactly what he said?


Wikipedia says he complained about America being overly politically correct and apparently he said that Mel Gibson was criticised because he was in a town run by Jews. Personally I think he is an amazing actor and I couldn't care less about his political beliefs, I had assumed he had taken a step back now that he is getting older and has built his career.. I hope he hasn't been blacklisted as that would be a great shame to lose out on such a talented actor on our screens.



In a 2014 Playboy interview, Oldman referred to Hollywood as "a town that's run by Jews", and was branded "anti-Semitic" by insane leftists. Even if you want to put it down to pure talent, Jews do run Hollywood:

The deranged mob picked out other quotes in a desperate attempt to frame Oldman as "racist", "homophobic" and "misogynist". Their crusade failed.