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Actor David Hayman on Sid and Nancy and Gary Oldman

It's a great article, worth reading the whole, but here is some excerpt on Gary Oldman:

"You knew he had star quality. You'd be sitting at the side of the set having a fag with him and they'd call him and when he stood up as he walked towards the set his physical mannerisms and his physical gait began to change as he got into the character of Sid."

"I think he's one of the unsung heroes of British acting. He really does inhabit his characters.

"I've worked a couple of times with Daniel-Day Lewis and he's another superb actor and Dan gets into his character in a completely different way. You don't have small talk with Dan on set. You don't say 'Hi Dan, how are the kids?' Dan's already in the zone."

"In those days Gary could get into the zone, but not completely so you could sit on set and have a chat about all sorts of things."

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Thank you, Love stuff like this. His Sid Vicious is on a par with his Churchill in my book.