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IMDb is closing all message boards

Talking to so many Gary Oldman's fans was a privilege.
Fare you well, everyone. 



Such a shame, member for 12 years, would be 13 this year 
Was indeed nice to meet other people who are either fans or not fans of Gary or just come to imdb to discuss about any movies 

For info or anything about Gary Oldman, see my link below :)

Gary Oldman Web


That sucks for us rational humans, but given the massive trolling (and subsequent ad hominem wars) plaguing so many message boards here, I can understand the decision.

Damn, this was the place I could talk to other Oldman aficionados. In the real world, only Clooney, DiCaprio and Pitt (and a few other oh-so-obvious choices) exist. Thanks for the chat, people.


It's for the best I guess. As Black Mass says, IMDb message boards have mainly been patrol grounds for trolls and fights and bullying so I also understand the decision. I am sad however, I've learned lots of invaluable information on these message boards and have conversed with a few celebrities that I admire who have accounts here.
But, again, best to just close them down and keep the bullies and trolls out for good.
Will miss the ability to come here and ask other fans of whatever questions.
Hope to see all my fellow Oldman lovers on Facebook.