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Now that the IMDb boards are being shut down, I can finally say that

I hate Gary Oldman. He's a terrible actor, and he stinks up everything he's in, and he's unattractive. That being said, I'm sure he's a nice person.


You "hate" someone you don't know, who's never done you any harm? You sad, pathetic excuse for a human being!

To "hate" anyone is an ugly thing, that only someone who's deeply unpleasant would feel, let alone say. It has nothing to do with IMDB or even the object of your "hate". And typically of inherently nasty people who are stupid as well, you apparently don't even realise that all you've done is demonstrate to anyone who sees your post how ugly and unpleasant YOU are.


No, you have it wrong. Oldman's NOT a nice person, but he is a terrific actor and widely recognized by his peers as such:

He also made Empire magazine's "100 Sexiest Stars in Film History" in 2007.

And he hates you too.