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Why does the internet love sucking his dick?

He seems like a good person who was going through a hard time, and has turned his life around, so I definitely think the media should lay off. But many people on the internet are saying he did nothing wrong, which is a complete lie.


I like a redemption and rehabilitation story as much as anyone else (except for rapists and child abusers, like Weinstein, Cosby and R Kelly), but has Gibson ever truly apologised for his various anti-Semitic and racist rants? If I'd been caught saying such bigoted things, I'd be repeating 'Mea Culpa' for the rest of my life, but any time a person raises it during an interview, Gibson seems to get testy and irritable, as if he didn't do anything wrong, which is why I struggle to believe he's sufficiently changed and recognised the offence his words understandably caused. Waving in an enthusiastic manner to Trump, recently, certainly doesn't suggest that Gibson has made much significant effort to assauge his critics' doubts.

I also suspect that a lot of his champions are simply fellow anti-Semites and racists. They may have been fans of Gibson beforehand, but I doubt they'd simp so hard for a liberal/progressive actor.


Gibson has many friends in the industry, including blacks and jews, maybe some of them agree with the things he said relating to black crime and jewish power. I’m glad he hasn’t been cancelled. I don’t approve of what he said and I’m sure most don’t either but that shouldn’t deny a great director and movie star a career worthy of his considerable talent.

How does Gibson waving at Trump say anything about whether or not he regrets what he said?


I'm not particularly keen on cancelling anyone either, unless they are a serious criminal who hasn't yet served time and/or an ongoing threat to others, particularly colleagues. That said, I could also understand why some Black and Jewish actors and crew members would feel uneasy about ever working with Gibson in view of his statements.

I am not personally judging Gibson for waving at Trump (as much as I despise the latter), but what I'm saying is that it hardly persuades his critics that he's a 'reformed character,' in view of everything Trump is aligned with.


What is Trump "aligned" with and why would Mel waving at Trump be considered negative by his critics? And why should anyone care what those critics think?


Mel likes Donald Trump? He waved at President Trump?

Wow, another reason to admire Mel Gibson!

"I am not personally judging Gibson for waving at Trump (as much as I despise the latter), but what I'm saying is that it hardly persuades his critics that he's a 'reformed character,' in view of everything Trump is aligned with."

Why should he be a reformed character? He is imperfect like all persons but he is a great man who has had a great career. Why should he be "reformed"?

So you disapprove of Mel Gibson and Donald Trump?

That's funny. They speak highly of you. Well. they might if they knew who you were. They don't. Oh well, that is just too bad.


While drunk and being arrested for a DUI he says to a cop, "Fucking Jews, the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. Are you a Jew?"

That's it. This is the main "rant" people make such an uproar over. If this is the epitome of hateful, unforgivable speech, over half of the drunks I've met must be bordering on demonic.

People blab all kinds of stupid stuff when they're drunk. Most have said offensive stuff at some point in their lives in general. They, however, are lucky enough to have those moments remain a private source of cringe that maybe only a friend or two will tease them over occasionally.

These celebrities, though, who have these private moments snapshotted for eternity and talked about endlessly by opinionated strangers, we treat them as if this moment defines their whole life for some reason.

He later did apologize for this situation on national TV (and a public apology letter) and he directly stated he didn't literally believe this drunken shit-talking to be fact. Yet no one cared about that any more than they initially cared to give him the same benefit of the doubt they would a friend who ran their mouth after downing a bottle of tequila. Instead, for 17 YEARS, we continue to blabber about (and massively exaggerate) this sentence-long drunk talk as if he were waving around swastikas that night calling for the extermination of the cast of Seinfeld.

What else has he even said? What are all these "antisemitic rants"? The time he allegedly made a holocaust joke to Wynona Ryder? lol Give me a break. Everyone and their brother has made one of those ashtray jokes at some point (he should be labeled as a joke hack rather than an antisemite). There's the time he dropped one N-bomb, I guess, when his private phone calls were secretly recorded during a fight with his wife. Big whoop.

I mean, I've no doubt the guy has some ignorant ideas (being as religious as he is) but this antisemitism and racism stuff is blown way outta proportion.


The way you constructed the title of this message is all we need to know about you. On the ignore list you go.


because everyone say bad thing when they in private like what mel did!!

mel ostrichsized for saying thing in private no fair we all say thing when drunk and on phone to deceptive wench.