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Depp's (alleged) Text Messages

Rottenborn then brought up many of Depp's graphic texts. Heard's attorney asked the actor, "You've said, if you want to be with a woman sexually that she is rightfully yours."

"That's ludicrous," Depp said.

Rottenborn showed purported sexually explicit messages between Depp and his assistant. The actor appeared to have written that a woman's "pussy is RIGHTFULLY MINE!!!!! Should I not just bust in and remove its hinges tonight??? ... I NEED. I WANT. I TAKE." On redirect, Depp said someone else may have sent the text from his phone, but maintained he does not have "that kind of hubris or expectation, that's quite grotesque."

Someone else wrote a sexually explicit message to Depp's assistant from Depp's phone? Weird.

The multiple exclamation marks appear in a text message he does claim to have written:

"I have no mercy, no fear and not an ounce of emotion, or what I once thought was love for this gold digging, low level, dime a dozen, mushy, pointless dangling overused flappy fish market... I'm so fucking happy she wants to fight this out!!! She will hit the wall hard!!! And I cannot wait to have this waste of a cum guzzler out of my life!!!"

Depp called Heard a "50 cent stripper," adding, "I wouldn't touch her with a goddam glove."

"I can only hope that karma kicks in and take the gift of breath from her… Sorry, man… But, NOW, I will stop at nothing!!!" Depp continued.

Yet he left the mother of his children for her.


He left her because when they hooked up she was hot and he was going through a mid life crisis. Those two things have caused many a man to chase a woman that is worthless as fuck.


People who know her say she can be a charmer when she wants to be.


She's super-hot, but I've never heard a heterosexual woman say a kind word about her.



Yet he left the mother of his children for her."

I don't understand the statement. Did all those texts happen before Depp left the mother of his children or was it way later into Depp/Heard relationship?

I'm just only confused with the usage of "yet"; it implies all the texts happened and then left the mother of his children.

~ Given, I don't know very much about the case. I view a video, or read something here or there, but not enough to know the timeline of this Hollywood "saga". haha


I am assuming these are all deep into the separation/divorce stage. It's obvious Depp left his wife for Heard, which doesn't give him many points in my book, but it was obviously a midlife, 'young hot woman' stage of his life and proved to be a huge mistake. They were both toxic and crazy to each other.


He wrote he would rape a burnt corpse. I can believe he would write anything.