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what was his best movie ?



I'm no scholar when it comes to R Scott, but I've seen him in a few movies and he has a great presence. I remember him in some old film with John Wayne called Pittsburgh. They were steel workers and figured they were smart enough to do better than their owners -- and they were ! They had some romantic complications, (Barbara Stanwyck?), but overall it was a light and fun early film, likely from Republic Pictures (remember the Eagle?).
And Scott made many, many movies other than that. This is just the one I remember most.


Most of his stuff was similar. I could throw out a few westerns that were above average but the names wouldn't mean that much. His most well know film was probably "R.O. Sunnybrook Farm" mostly due to Shirley Temple.

He was very good at what he did and just didn't see important scripts. He apparently made a lot of $$$ doing routine westerns for a generation.


My favorite RS films...

1. The Tall T.
2. Ride Lonesome
3. Tall man riding
4. Ride the high country
5. Commanche station
6. Seven men from now.

I like the Bud Boetticher films with the screen plays by Burt Kennedy. 4 of those were in my top 6.

What sets the Tall T apart is that it starts out as a comedy and then becomes incredibly dark. There is a little homosexuality worked in through Richard Boone's character. Some might disagree. It is a great film.

Tall man riding is a hidden gem about a man who is forced to leave town by his fiancé's father and makes a life for himself elsewhere only to return for revenge.