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hydroxychloroquine profits

since hydroxychloroquine is the astounding, random cure-all from covid to athlete's feet, why hasn't ONE drug company making billions from all the amazing REAL things it does?

since it was SO GREAT at curing covid for people, wouldn't everyone be snapping it up all the time now?

yet we never hear a thing about it now, do we?

what is the big conspiracy about that?
Rich people: "I have far too much money as it is, I wouldn't know where to store the billions and billions I'd make from hydroxychloroquine" :D


You what is also great for you - Vitamin D.

Check your local Costco to see how cheap it is.


Must resort to internet rumor snake oil with zero science, zero proof of effectiveness because THEY don't want you to know about the truth!


I don't agree with most of what Nancy Reagan said or did but when she said say no to drugs, I agreed with that.