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Claim Your Money From The IRS (I just cashed my check from The State!)

Mine was from mortgage interest from 15 years ago, as well as a small check from Verizon which was all combined, sent to me within a week from the state.. I just cashed it in today.

Everyone with my last name also had unclaimed money.. My sister just checked and is getting some dough from overpaid college shit. Sometimes companies make mistakes, sometimes they send checks to the wrong address. It's YOUR money, go claim it and thank me later!

I told friends on facebook, and within 10 minutes, I had 7 replies of people telling me they had money coming!

P.S. - If you have a check coming to you, please reply.


Nothing for me.


Damn, well I hope others discover some.


I have one for an American Express gift card or check that I assume I never used, and another one that I don't recognize at all. Will report back if I get a check (or two).




(I think the state combines the checks, and sends just one, but every state is different)


I'm bumping this only because I know and have read people who are struggling financially.

I had no idea I had anything. I was perusing Yahoo like usual in the morning, and came across the link. I got $305, and cashed it Friday.