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What is wrong with my body?

My throat keeps having this weird problem where when i lay down after I eat I start feeling like fluid is entering the back of my throat, or some type of grainy burning liquid.

My throat will get the same feeling sometimes when i sleep, and i'll wake up to fluid feeling like it's in the back of my throat.

Sometimes i'll burp after waking up and feel the same thing, or sometimes i'll burp and it'll feel like i'm throwing up the liquid.

It burns, and it's irritating -- what should I do about it? What's going on with me? What's wrong with me?




Uptake your water input.
Is it cold where you live?

Eat less bulky foods


Some food maybe didint digest in your stomach and is now rotting inside you.
Lots of sulphuric gas being produced inside you.

Fasting is great for this.

Dont eat for a day


GERD. Try swishing Mylanta in your mouth.


i know a guy who had symptoms very similar to this. it was due to his esophagus flap not closing properly. he's been able to manage it through medication so far, but he may have to have surgery for it some day.

no guarantee this is your issue, but the things you listed are almost exactly what he described. he also would have issues when biking or doing physical activity.


You should go see a doctor.

BUT...I think most of the people here are right. It's probably a case of acid reflux and a stomach issue.


Acid reflux from the sounds of it.


don't eat after 7pm
try gaviscon