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Movies With High Scores, But Not Popular?

A movie with at least 1,000 votes on IMDB.

"Sunday With Cybele" is one I just saw on IMDB (7.9/10), but only a 44% on RT, which comprises of about 25 25-year olds.. Too much influence for such a small sample size. I think IMDB is the most accurate.

"Miracle in Milan" has a 7.7/10 w/ over 6,000 votes, but its never mentioned even in movie circles.

"Il Generale Della Rovere" - 7.8/10

For perspective, "The Godfather" has 1.5 million votes, and a rating of 9.2/10


The Man from Earth
2007 · 1hr 27min · Fantasy/Sci-Fi


Love on a Leash - 9.2