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Theatrical releases

Theatrical releases are still traditionally released in theatres first and only for their premieres right?

When movie studios release new films, they're traditionally released in theaters first, then VOD, then premium outlets like hbo and whatever else and then other outlets right?

They aren't released straight to VOD first and only, and are just released to the public like that and are done to fuel digital consumption?

I ask this due to thinking some films I've been seeing online have been films I've seen advertised in ads on tv for premiere releases, and they seem to be available online for downloading or streaming and haven't ever been released in theatres or haven't been as if traditional theatre viewing is obsolete or something. Maybe I'm imagining things, but I think that's what's been happening.

I think the timeline from theatre to VOD is a few months or something, but maybe it's been shortened due to coronavirus, or eliminated, or I don't know what I've been thinking about.

What's been happening, and how are new premieres traditionally released from studios?

Like the ones that would formally be theatrical releases as premieres?




At one time the theater was the only place to see a moving visual recording. Not just the major films themselves but also newsreels and serials. But once TV was developed the news and serially written stories migrated to it. Except for “made for TV” movies that tended to be of cheaper production quality, major movies were still released at the theater and then would show up a few years later on the three main TV networks. Then in the 70s they started appearing on premium services first like Home Box Office and videotape and discs. You would also have some sequels or “spin off” of a major film released direct to video. Then I guess around the 2000s streaming started to take off. But major movies for the most part are still released at the theater first and then only after they begin to wane at the box office are they regulated to home video. The exception to this are major films developed specifically for streaming services but still want to compete for Oscars. They have to be available at theaters for a minimum amount of time to qualify. I guess as soon as they meet that minimum they are pulled from theaters and put on streaming even if they are still doing well at the theater. I think the Oscars have made a temporary change to theatrical release requirement this year though due to COVID 19.


Have you been living in a cave with your eyes shut and your fingers in your ears? Most movie theaters are still closed, so the only way to get movies to the masses is through home video formats.