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Makoto Shinkai is the new Miyazaki

Miyazaki, the founder of Studio Ghibli, is almost retired. Sadly, Satoshi Kon died young. But it seems that Shinkai can be the next big name in Japanese animation.

He's the director of 'Garden of Words', 'Children Who Chase Lost Voices' and '5 centimeters per second', amazing movies. But it was his last movie, 'Your Name', the one that could be considered a masterpiece.

His next movie, 'Weathering with You', will be released in western countries at the end of this month (or January 2020, depending on the country). The movie is so good that it was the first animation movie to be selected by Japan to represent them in the Oscars since Princess Mononoke.

It seems that he wasn't a one-hit director. It seems that he can be the new Miyazaki.