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Problem with movie search

I don't know if this already came up, but I noticed that the movie search is not working correctly. For example, if I search for "Frankenstein", the following two results comes up:

Frankenstein (1931) Frankenstein (1931)
Frankenstein (1994) Frankenstein (1994)

Different results are seen in the search preview (for example "Victor Frankenstein (2015)"). Those ones won't come up if I click on Return or on "See more results".

Other results which should come up do not appear. For example, the only way I can find the forum page for Frankenstein (1910) is to type the imdb id of the movie (tt0001223) on the search field and select the result from the search preview. This brings me to the correct page:

Again, if I type the imdb id of the movie and hit return, no result is shown.

Can this be solved?


I don't recall this ever being brought up, but you're right. However, the search function always had problems. Sometimes when you type in certain things and it pops up, it returns right back to where you are when you click it. For example, I had a problem when I typed in Brie Larson's name, and I couldn't get to her page. You have to type in a movie she is in and then click her name on the cast list. It's really a hit and miss search.


I believe this subject has come up before, but it is weird at times. Since content here feeds from IMDb who knows where the problem lies? Sometimes when you click to go to the page you want it takes you back to MC's main page. Hmm.


yes, the search has problems


working fine on my laptop.