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Captain Marvel Review.

Midnight openings are awesome. I need to go to more, the fans in the screen really adds to the experience.
Nirvana in a Marvel movie is everything teenage me ever wanted.
Brie Larson gives it her all and is the future MVP of the MCU.
The writing isn't great at times, but considering one of the writers wrote Tomb Raider it's hard to be surprised.
Ben Mendelsohn as Talos is the best character since Korg.
The directors do their best, but it feels like the studio called the shots on everything.
The fan service is flat out bad.
Goose is either the best or worst thing about this film.
Anyone else getting major Thor vibes?
Jackson is superb as the cocky Fury.
A good start for the character. I'm excited to see where she goes next.
Belongs in Phase 1. This isn't an insult, i had a fun time in the cinema!
Bring on Endgame!

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...major Thor vibes?

Another comedy fest?


So is it good or not?