Top 10 Reasons to Watch 'Game of Thrones' Now

There’s still people out there who don’t watch it. Shocking, right?

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by Christopher Bohorquez on August 24th, 2017

While the viewership of HBO’s smash hit, Game of Thrones, keeps increasing, there’s still people out there who still don’t watch it. Shocking, right? Here are 10 reasons why every person who is doubtful about Game of Thrones should start today.

1. Adult Fantasy

game of thrones mature rating
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Fantasy may not be a genre for everybody, and that’s okay. However, a lot of people who were never into fantasy watch Game of Thrones because of how mature it is. This show deals with politics, royalty, war, incest, betrayal, murder, romance, and plenty of other things that aren’t usually in children’s fantasy that turn off so many people. 

2. Great Characters

game of thrones cersei and jamie
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The characters on this show are very morally complex. This show portrays a gray world, where sometimes there are characters who do terrible things, but have enough redeeming qualities to make them likable. The characters who have stayed alive have gone through difficult journeys and have done questionable things to stay alive. The character development is on point, and it never feels forced. It’s these types of characters that make this show worthwhile, and the viewer is always wondering if they are doing the right thing.

3. Nobody is safe

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A lot of shows are afraid to kill their fan favorite characters, but this show isn’t. Beloved characters with plenty of screen time have gotten killed off unexpectedly with no mercy. This all matters because that means this show has real stakes, and every time something is happening, the viewer is left on the edge of their seat wondering if their favorite character is going to die. 

4. The Actors

game of thrones peter dinklage tyrion lannister
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This show has an amazing ensemble cast, who all play their roles very well. Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister, has won two Emmys for his role. Four other actors have been nominated, and that doesn’t feel like enough. The villains on this show are great, and they usually steal the show when they are on screen. All of these actors give their heart and soul to their craft, and really get into their performances that are very convincing. Lena Headey, who plays the villainous Cersei Lannister, gets hate from fans sometimes because of how good she is at her role. 

5. It’s HBO

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HBO has delivered some of the most quality shows of all time, and they let their creators do what they want. Game of Thrones is on the same network of The Sopranos and The Wire, which are two shows that are considered to be some of the best television has ever had to offer. Those shows did whatever they wanted, and had all of the adult complex themes that simply won’t be seen on network television. Game of Thrones has caused controversy over some of its content, that people felt was too extreme. The show has been allowed to do that, because of its creative freedom, and many have praised the show for for not holding back. 

6. Top notch production

game of thrones behind the scenes
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This show will most likely go down as the most well produced show of all time. This show is incredibly expensive to produce, because of its multiple filming locations in Croatia, Northern Ireland, and Spain, and for its quality special effects. This show luckily is successful and HBO has a lot of faith in this show to put forth such a giant budget. Season 6 cost around $100 million to make, and it certainly looks like it. With a big budget and such a well put together production, there isn’t a show like this that’s as epic. 

7. Battles

game of thrones battle of the bastards
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Since this show has such a big budget, it has delivered some of the most intense and visually stunning battles ever put on screen, that rival films like Braveheart, Gladiator, and Lord of the Rings. It’s truly mind blowing to watch these scenes take place, with hundreds to thousands of extras on screen. Battle scenes range from the more realistic medieval battles to the fantastical. These epic battles are extremely violent, chaotic, and dirty, which makes them so entertaining to watch. Never has a TV show given us something so grand in their set pieces. After GoT, watching other shows kind of feels lame.

8. Musical score

game of thrones music orchestra
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Ramin Djiwadi is the genius musical composer of this show. Right when the intro starts, fans know all too well the main opening theme. The music in this show is incredible, and it really fits in well with the show. Djiwadi composes new music for every season, that includes full orchestra with a large variety of instruments, and a choir. This show has certain musical cues for characters and moments that fans will know automatically. It sets the mood masterfully, and makes the show's intense moments even better. 

9. It’s better than most movies

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Game of Thrones is more exciting than the usual Hollywood summer blockbuster. HBO took the risk and decided to adapt something out of the ordinary and give its relatively unknown series creators a big budget to do whatever they want. Game of Thrones as a film wouldn’t do the source material justice, because this show takes its time telling a story and developing its characters. When a book gets adapted into film, it has to rush through a lot of things to fulfill a certain run time. With this show, you get a story that takes its time, while also getting a big budget, film-like production, with characters that you actually care about. 

10. Dragons

game of thrones daenerys dragons
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The dragons are massive and some of the most satisfying creatures ever. When the dragons are up close, it’s amazing how much detail gets put into these CGI fire-breathing beasts. They play a big part in this show, and it is important to Daenerys' character. These three dragons start off as small babies and have grown to be the size of a T-Rex in Jurassic Park. The dragons have become the unofficial symbol for this show, and every time they go on a fire-breathing rampage it’s certainly a sight to be seen. 

It’s hard not to be convinced with these ten reasons. Game of Thrones truly is something special that other shows will try to replicate but will most likely fail. This show is the best movie you won’t see in the theaters. It is currently in the penultimate season, so now is the perfect time to catch up, and be in awe with everyone else watching. 


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