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by Christopher Bohorquez on August 29th, 2017

Rick and Morty has become a cult phenomenon. On the surface level, it’s about the crazy adventures of mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith. True fans know that this show is so much more than that. Here's why Rick and Morty is unlike anything on television. 

Making up their own song
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It's Hilarious

Creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland are geniuses. There’s a blend between sci-fi and smart humor that can bring in all types of fans. This show started off as a parody of Back to the Future that led to this concept. A lot of the dialogue is very improvisational, which leads to some very funny one-liners. The situations that happen are so outlandish that one can’t help but laugh at what’s going on.

It's Totally Bonkers

The show is absolutely insane. Certain sights will be burned into the viewer’s mind. One episode deals with Rick and Morty essentially breaking up time, and they have to find a way to fix it. In one of the most memorable episodes, the show displays multiple realities going on at once, and it’s one of the craziest things the show has done. There’s plenty of other outlandish surprises, but seeing it is better than explaining it. Also, there’s a whole episode where Rick turns himself into a pickle. 

Quality Sci-Fi

The show focuses on alternate dimensions/timelines, where almost anything is possible. Rick and Morty have gone to plenty of unimaginable places. There are some very cool ideas this show explores, and since it’s animated, the only thing limiting this show is the writers’ imagination. Rick and Morty has paid tribute to the sci-fi properties of the past, while also doing its own thing. The show is also half serialized, so there are events that happen in one episode that change the game for events afterwards. Like great sci-fi, it’s not afraid to challenge its audience with some of the complex things going on.


There are certain scenes that go on, that make you question what type of show you are watching. Let’s just say that this whole family of characters are messed up people, especially Rick. The show often explores the characters’ morality, and if anything that we do even matters. There are twisted things that happen on these adventures that push the boundaries for anything on television, like this above video.

Deeper Layers

This show on the surface level can be taken as an animated sci-fi comedy, but there are questions this show raises. The show often explores the meaning of life or the lack of it. There are countless fan theories online that peel back all of the show’s hidden layers. All of the characters have been greatly affected by the events they have gone through, and it has taken a toll on their psyche. The writers deserve credit for adding extra layers to a show that could easily just be a fun stupid show.


A TV show wouldn’t be worthwhile without good characters. Rick, the mad cynical scientist, who constantly is the cause of so much trouble. Morty, the naïve awkward adolescent, who tags along on his grandpa’s insane adventures. These two characters interactions are perfect and they’re always at odds. The rest of the family also steals the show. Insecure dad Jerry has some of the best moments on this show. Morty’s mom Beth always says what’s on her mind, while Summer is a high schooler who just wants to be popular. When the whole family is together, hilarity usually ensues. The characters they meet on their misadventures also win over fans' hearts.

Family Dynamic

Rick and Morty is half sci-fi insanity, the other half a dysfunctional family sitcom. While something completely out of this world is happening on one end, the other end is usually dealing with some sort of family drama. While a lot of the dysfunction is played up for laughs, some of it actually hits at home. Unemployment, insecurity, neglect, divorce, family therapy, mortality, etc. are all very real-life issues the show deals with. When Beth and Jerry are on the verge of separation, it affects the whole family and kind of messes them up. One of the latest episodes deals with family therapy, which is meant to help out their constant dysfunction. All of this humanizes the characters, and adds an unexpected layer to the show that makes it better.


Beautiful in the ugliest way
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Don’t let the simple character models fool you. This show has been able to pull off some truly mind-blowing visuals that you wouldn’t expect. The vibrant colors of the planets and dimensions Rick and Morty visit are a sight to see. From outer space, to colorful alien worlds, to different dimensions that all look different. The same can be said about all of the different alien races that appear on this show and how all of them have their own unique features. A live-action show is held back by its budget, while the only thing that can limit animation is how crazy the writers and animators can get.

Voice Acting

Co-creator Justin Roiland does the voice of the two titular characters, and he often improvises his lines to get the best out of each character. Rick most of the time is drunk, and Roiland is known to method act by actually delivering some of his lines drunk. Sarah Chalke (Beth), Chris Parnell (Jerry), and Spencer Grammer (Summer) also deserve credit for delivering great performances. The show has also had some quality guest stars like Danny Trejo, Susan Sarandon, Nathan Fillion, Alfred Molina, Stephen Colbert who have surprisingly agreed to be on a show like this.

There's Just Nothing Like It

There simply isn’t a show like this in this dimension or the next. There are many elements this show blends together that give the show its own identity. Rick and Morty happens to be a sci-fi adventure comedy drama, while simultaneously exploring the Smith family's relationships and dysfunction. One minute this show is being completely stupid, while the next disturbs the viewer for life. If all these things put together in an half hour of television sounds like something you would be interested in, then Rick and Morty is certainly the show for you.


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Thanks for this entry. Been a fan of Harmon since before Community, and I am not surprised he ended up co creating R&M. This really is one of the best shows ever made. Its worst episodes can destroy the best of most other shows. Latest season has movie quality animation, too.


I agree. The first couple minutes of the latest episodes had stunning animation


I saw the first ep, the BTTF parody. I did not laugh once. Not humorous in the lease; simply disgusting, and quite disturbing that anyone could find this anything but repulsive.


Yes, I agree. I watched it to see what the fuss was about....but not impressed at all. Similarly found it disgusting. I did not like the Rick character at all. I couldn’t get passed the slurring, drunk repetition, dribble/vomit. The visual style doesn’t help me to like it either. I just don’t like it, but it has a big fan base, so others do like it of course.
Netflix’s Big Mouth on the other hand to me IS pure genius....even though the subject matter is downright *disgusting*.... but it’s great stuff!


I LOVE Rick and Morty, but it's very selective in the audience it attracts. You either love it or hate it, maybe it's the kind of humour.
What about Bojack Horseman? I think it needs more recognition it's a beautiful show.