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Blog Dedicated to Made for TV Movies

I posted this awhile back, but it looks like the thread is gone. I have a blog called Made for TV Mayhem and I write mostly about made for TV movies. I haven't been able to update it since school started this semester, but I added a lot of new content over the summer. Enjoy!


I love your blog Amanda! Thank you for the work you put into it.

We didn't have cable when I was growing up so I missed many of these great films. Your blog is an invaluable resource for me - I can read up on the film I'm looking for and find links to another and another and another that I never even knew about.

With the reviews and information you've included in your blog I've found lots of titles to begin a nice little collection of my favorites from the genre :)

Thanks again!


Hi Maria,

Your post made my day! Thank you. I always love meeting TV movie fans, and I'm glad you are finding my blog useful for your collection!!!

Take care!


Thanks for the link


Quite an interesting blog. I wonder why no one, it seems, runs a lot of those '70s-'80s MOWs these days.