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Battlefield Earth A amazing unintentional Comedy

It is considered one of the worst movies ever made, and one of the worst science fiction movies.
I read that if you watch this as a comedy its hillarious.

I will be seeing this abomination this year.


Also hillarious is the nostalgia critic's review of this movie.


I saw it in the cinema when it came out!

Never quite understood the hatred it gets, not because its any good (its really not) but because it is a great "good bad movie" and all the stuff with Travolta is pretty damn hilarious. Plus, Kim Coates is in it.

The human "drama" stuff is very silly and can be boring at times, but every time we cut back to the villains, something hilarious is about to happen!

Also, notably, most of the biggest logic flaws are changes from the book, which isn't amazing wither, but I was interested to read it and see that stupid things like the humans flying old jets that already got defeated when used by proper pilots is a film invention (in the book, they use the aliens' own tech against them).