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Angelina Jolie in "Cyborg 2" (1993)

I may be the only one but I actually liked "Cyborg 2" better than the original film. Great cast, more of a story, and a young, nubile Angelina gets topless. What's not to like? 

I reviewed this lost masterwork on my blog if you're curious:


Its been a while since I last watched it, but from what I remember, Cyborg 2 was a pretty entertaining late night b-flick that reminded me a bit of the cancelled TV-show with Jessica Alba, Dark Angel with some Blade Runner inspired settings/plot along the line.
Not a masterpiece but I think I gave it a 5 or 6 out of 10, and if not mistaken Billy Drago did appear also as a headhunter or something like that.


I have been meaning to watch that lately. Angelina Jolie topless gives me even more reason

Rob Zombie is one of the greatest directors today


I far prefer Cyborg 2 to the original too. Young Angelina isn't in her Tomb raider prime here yet, but she is still hot and certainly can act just as well as JCVD can here! Plus you get Billy Drago (as a hitman with his face in tatters, if I recall!) and Elias Koteas as the co-star... and he's always great. I really like the bittersweet ending, too.

I discovered this movie in my teenage years when I used to rent piles of VHS tapes from my local video library, often ending up with rubbish but sometimes finding hidden gems (back before the internet, so no way to know about a lot of these movies if they were obscure or straight to video stuff).

I have never seen the third Cyborg movie, even though I own all three on DVD. I've heard it's rather terrible, though...?