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HAMILTON: Why is this considered good?

Why would a musical about a guy who lived in the 18th century (with Hip Hop music)
be considered "Great"?


Because it's trendy and revisionist crap that makes everyone either black, gay, or both, then spins that alone as somehow profound.

See it's like Brave New World's "Soma," a drug that makes people docile and content.

Taking a key event in American history and then making all its players either ethnic minorities or sexual deviants, and then drenching it with degenerate dogsht masquerading as music, it induces a sleepy euphoria by manipulating the viewer into thinking that everyone is equal no matter what. Nothing matters, neither nature or nurture. We are all blank slates. Jay-Z is Mozart is Richard Speck is Mussolini is Little Wayne is Theodore Roosevelt.

It's a comforting lie, but it's bullsht.