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So, Gotham has a Lesbian Character and a Bi Character

Does tis make the show more interesting to anyone on these booards? I am a big fan of Batman so I was already interested, I am just curious if this has made anyone who has not previously interested willing to give it a look based on this alone?



Are they major characters? Is Cat-Woman finally being portrayed as a lesbian outside the comics? Oh please tell me she is!

I love Batman too and was going to watch this show either way but this does make me more likely to enjoy it, if they aren't token roles. I don't plan on watching Gotham until it's on Netflix though so I've got a long way to wait.

As for the broader sociological question of whether I would watch a show merely for having LGBT characters -- in certain circumstances yes, but only if the show's premise doesn't turn me away and only if the main, primary protagonist was lesbian or gay.

We've long since passed the point where a token character here or there is anything worth noting. I'm at the point where I take points away from otherwise good shows if all they can scrounge together is a couple token appearances from a tertiary gay character. Actually three of my favorite shows from the last few years are guilty of this -- Switched at Birth, Bunheads, and The Vampire Diaries. Switched At Birth is amazing enough that it doesn't phase me but Bunheads and Vampire Diaries would have landed a whole lot higher in my esteem if they could have managed to branch out from the constant monotony of heterosex.

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There has not been enough revealed about Catwoman to know if she is a lesbian or not.

The lesbian character is Rene Montoya, a character you might recognize from other batman media (She is also a lesbian in the comics as of 2000) And the character on the show has an actual function and does not feel token based on the pilot.

Revealing which character is Bisexual (Or perhaps Pansexual etc) could be something of a bigger spoiler so I wont reveal that, but that is also a character that serves an important role on the show and neither characters arc or purpouse seems to be to serve as "the gay character".

I hope you'll like the show once you check it out. I enjoyed it (The Pilot) quite a bit, but I felt they introduced too many characters and the way they introduce and hint at the eventual Batman vilains is far from subtle.

Thanks for sharing your perspective



I watched the pilot and didn't get into it, when I heard there was a lesbian storyline I decided to give it another go haha, after a few episodes I was hooked.
It gets better and better, really picks up towards the end on season 1.
There is another bisexual introduced in Season 2 and a bit of a romance there.
Lots of very camp characters, it's actually a lot different to how I thought it would be but thoroughly entertaining.


I was already watching the show before they introduced any LGBTQ characters. I'm not a huge fan of the show as a whole because I feel like it's trying to be darker and more serious, but it's often just cheesy. The acting isn't great, the dialogue is pretty silly, and they change so much from the source material that fans of the comics -- myself included -- feel alienated.

I do think they took things a step too far by making Penguin in love with the Riddler. I could actually see Riddler as being at least bisexual, but from everything I've ever known of Penguin, this just doesn't feel right.

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