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Faking It (2014)

Just wanted to tell all you good folks about an underrated gem of a television series called Faking It that ran from 2014 thru 2016. It's a half-hour comedy about LGBT youth in Austin. Three seasons were produced, 38 episodes in all.

The show is about a queer girl who is in love with her straight best friend. It's also about the straight girl's love interest (Gregg Sulkin), and their gay best friend (Michael J. Willett, who appropriately starred in a movie called Gay Best Friend, another gem.) There is also trans and intersex representation.

I'm not being paid to post this. Just a huge fan of the show.

Here is a great intro to Season 1. (2 min)

Meet best friends, Amy and Karma. (1 min)

Meet Shane (Michael J. Willett). (1 min)

I believe it's available on Hulu as well as ☺

[Most descriptions of the show say it's about 2 girls pretending to be a couple for popularity. But that's just the first few episodes and it doesn't describe the entire series very well imo. The series is better described as I described it above.]