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Women and nudity?

How do you feel about the topic that so many movies have to always have a female character show herself nude for some meaningless scene?

There are different sides to this

How do the men feel about it, how do women feel about it?

As a man, on one side I can appreciate how the woman looks, who doesn't enjoy seeing an attractive woman nude.

As a man with a wife and daughter I think about how that is someone's daughter, that is someone's wife who's bearing all for basically just the whim of the director because nudity is never really "needed" and no film is "better" because it is in there.

Seriously, how often have you seen a show where we assume all the characters bath/wash themselves but inevitably the camera follows the woman character to the shower and shows it.

Women, what to you think of it. They are adults, they accept it and get paid.
What do you think about the fact that being a woman in Hollywood almost always means you'll be asked to appear nude and refusing to do so may hinder/hurt your career. All because men want to see you nude. Do you care? Does it anger/annoy you? Have you ever scene a film and thought, I would have like it better if it had nudity.

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As a man with a wife and daughter I think about how that is someone's daughter, that is someone's wife who's bearing all for basically just the whim of the director

Or maybe because that woman isn't hung up about being naked?

because nudity is never really "needed" and no film is "better" because it is in there.

What constitutes a 'need' to you as far as cinema is concerned? I also fail to understand why the use of nudity needs to be justified any more than the use of props, costumes, filming locations, special effects, and other costly features?


Because it implies vulnerability, nudity means that someone is completely exposed. Any judgment you make about an actress's nude scene is a judgment on her, criticism of her performance is subjective, as are any views about her personality/lifestyle. You criticise someone like that and you criticise her family, and everything that she is that she cannot change (without surgery). It it any wonder that young actresses feel the need to push themselves to the point of exhaustion in order to appear perfect.

Some people are confident enough to do it (I have been saying she, but this goes for both sexes) and I have nothing but respect for them. I also have a great respect for the Neve Campbell's and Sarah Michelle Gellars who request no nudity in their contracts and for the Ellen Pages who choose their work carefully.

There is also the inherent sexism. It's a great drinking game pick any ten comedies, horror movies of threats twenty years drink a finger for every time you see t&a drain your glass every time you see a naked man. There's also (particularly with horror obviously) issues with nudity and violence, given the
culture at present I personally think it is dangerous to equate sex and violence, it just perpetuates the idea that women are objects to be damaged and abused as men see fit. Argue all you like but if the recent crime figures are to believed (yes whether they are or not is another argument entirely) sexual offenses are on the increase. If that's true then culturally we need to the messages we send people about about sexual violence, if we look at it culturally that includes film and Television.


I'm not a prude but feel some things should be private. There are few things that a couple can share with only each other. It shouldn't then be cheapened by being commonplace.
Much of the time film nudity is just gratuitous anyway.


I like it a lot. I live to experience female beauty nude. I'm a nudist myself. I just hope those women aren't sexually abused. I doubt that they are. I don't know. Hey sure beats a humiliating gangbang scene that pays less and probably injures the actress.

Most films don't have enough nude scenes. Esp superhero *beep*

Still something Stalin said on the issue keeps bothering me. I don't remember what he said exactly but he preferred westerns to films with female nudity cause he said those women were being prostituted off screen or something. I dunno, look it up. I think giving pretty women jobs is very important. Given my misogynist, anti sex parents and society, all I could really see chicks nude in was flicks but it's a long story. I'm in a hellish region. So yeah, as a person practically enslaved those scenes helped.

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It beats me how actresses can do fully naked sex scenes.........and say it's acting. It can't be acting when you are kissing and touching whether your holding back your desires or not.


I don't approve of it. Sometimes it makes sense for a character to be naked (if you want a really convincing rape scene and not just implied rape, or someone is exiting the lake at a nude resort, or someone stole their clothes at the pool as a prank and we are exposed to a bum). Being naked just because you can doesn't garner any interest from me. Scenes of women topless when they really don't have to be is not something I appreciate. I also don't know how anyone can get naked in front of people and cameras even if they have an amazing body.


I think firstly it has to be said that apart from less than a handful of movies, women are not truly nude.
Apart from Rosario Dawson in Trance all have worn merkins or patches or had any detail removed by CGI

The recent GOT situation has meant that considerably more male genitalia has been shown than women's.
The actual score being :- Male genital nudity 4 Female genital nudity 0


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