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Most Final Cut Pro X like software for Windows?

Hello. I'm looking for a software that runs on Windows that functions most like Final Cut Pro X. Why? I learned how to edit on a Mac recently, but do not own one myself. I was real good at it. Now, on my private endeavors, I would like to edit using my own hardware. I'm not a wealthy guy, so I can't shop around. I found SONY Vegas in Goodwill, but don't like it. I'm just looking for a software with matching features and similar function. Please, any help?


Halfway through your post I was thinking Vegas actually. Of the various NLE software I've used, Vegas is probably the closest to Final Cut Pro X.

I've heard good things about CyberDirector. I have not used it myself, but it's inexpensive and it seems to cater more to the entry-level market that Final Cut Pro X has targeted.

Good luck!


Thanks for the input. Perhaps my judgment on Vegas was premature. I'll tinker with it and maybe figure it out to fit my needs. Thanks again.

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