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Why Deadpool 2 in Hindi Is Better Than the Original

After Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2 is clearly the next biggest superhero movie to look forward to. The best thing about this movie is that there is likely to be an equal dose of action and comedy, making this movie a favorite even among those who do not generally watch superhero movies. Ryan Reynolds will reprise his role as the comedy hero and the trailer of Deadpool 2 promises a lot of fun and entertainment.

But there’s something else about the upcoming movie that’s grabbing attention right now. It’s Deadpool 2 in Hindi! A vernacular version of the trailer had released recently and if you thought that the original one was funny, you have no idea about the humor that is going to hit you. Furthermore, Ranveer Singh is touted to voice the character of Deadpool in the dubbed version of the film. Here’s why you need to look forward to Deadpool 2 in Hindi:

It’s funnier.

Deadpool 2 in Hindi will make you laugh your socks off. While the Indian language itself includes a tone of depreciating humor and in-bound sarcasm, can you imagine translating a movie as hilarious as Deadpool 2 in Hindi? It’ll be a laugh riot!

There are filmy references.

If it is in Hindi, it will make a Bollywood joke. Maybe even more. Entertainment here is synonymous to the Hindi film industry. We would be shocked if a movie as entertaining as Deadpool did not include any jokes on Bollywood. Additionally, it has a couple of “aande”, “chhote” and “ooima” here and there.

It’s crass as hell!

Deadpool is unabashedly crass. In Hindi, it will go a notch higher, with the lead character mouthing off some pretty hilarious dialogues, full of our favorite cuss words. Here’s one we have translated for you: “So dark! You sure you're not from the DC Universe?” becomes “Saale MC, BC…tu DC Universe se toh nahi hai?!” Hindi does add a dose of color to the dialogues.

Ranveer Singh will add on the charm.

Like Deadpool isn’t entertaining enough, we have Ranveer Singh voicing the character in Hindi. The Padmaavat actor brings his own charm to the movie and he is certainly not someone you can ignore, even if you do not like him. Right from his fashion statements to his interviews on our favorite talk shows, Ranveer knows to keep his viewers glued to their screens and as Deadpool, he is likely to turn on the madness to ‘full power’.

Even Ryan Reynolds approves it.

You know who else is excited about Deadpool 2 in Hindi? The original Deadpool aka Ryan Reynolds! He voiced his appreciation on social media with a quick jibe towards Ranveer Singh, but we all know that’s who Ryan is online.

Still need reasons to watch Deadpool 2 in Hindi? Watch the trailer here and decide for yourself:

Summary: Gear up for Deadpool 2, but before you book for tickets, do give this a thought – is the movie worth watching in a language other than English? The answer is yes! Ranveer Singh dubs for Deadpool in the Hindi version of the film, which is attraction more attention than the original!

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