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For fans of Sam Raimis Spiderman 1 and 2

I did a marathon with those films and Superman 1 and ll titled When Great Power Comes With Great Responsibility. You guys can check it out on my blog.

The first two Sam Raimi films are far superior than the Amazing Spiderman ones because unlike those, these movies have heart and are great pairings with the first two Superman movies.


I like that Garfield's Spider-Man actually shows growth as a man between movies. Whenever Toby's Spider-Man experiences hardship, he basically whines and cries about how hard things are. Granted, he does grow some (Learning how to love Mary Jane AND be Spider-Man), just not a lot. With Garfield, there's more of a sense of learning and development. With each hardship he endures, he translates it into forward motion. There's the feeling that Garfield is constantly becoming more of a man, constantly learning. I really enjoy that.