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Country music and God/religion

There are many secular country singers who are very openly devout Christians. There are so many secular performers who gave songs that can be seen as Christian, even if 3/4 or so or more of their songs have no religious content. What's amusing is many of these same performers, at least the male ones, have songs about getting wasted or songs with sexual content (maybe not songs with lyrics that go into Steel Panther territory, mind you, but are still considered sexual in nature).

But are there any country singers who are openly atheist or at least agnostic? Or have songs that have lyrics that would likely offend the majority of Bible thumpers everywhere? Or openly criticize the religious fanatics, even if not on record?


Well what most Country Stars do
is to use their lyrics
in order to confess their iniquities

Just look at how popular
Sunday Morning Sidewalks can get
Country stars
were waiting in line
to record that one
about missing Church
because of hangovers

If there were Country Stars
who still do not believe
after listening to all the Greats
singing Sunday Morning Sidewalks
and getting so wasted
that they miss Church
then what good are they

would believe
that they're Real Country Stars
if they do not believe
then they'd really be wasted
and so would their fans' money
because anything
without Real Church
is just a waste anyhow
and who knows that better
than a Real Country Star

Okay so some of em
get mixed up
with dirty rotten corrupt politics
which is also
a big time waste of life
but when they start
to mess with God
then its high time
to do some big time repenting

[harp] ๐ŸŽป [saint] [candle] [piano]

รขโ„ขยช ๎‚ˆ Not even Mad Scientists
get it right every time