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top 5 leann rimes songs

she has so many classics. what are your top 5 leann rimes songs??? hard to choose for sure.

my top 5:
#5: blue
#4: probably wouldn't be this way
#3: can't fight the moonlight
#2: the story
#1: borrowed


Nothin' Better to Do
One Way Ticket

Those are the only songs of hers I have on my ipod.


one way ticket was a #1 hit!!! love it


In my opinion, its impossible to narrow it down to just five, she has too many awesome songs to list.

God bless you and LeAnn always!!!

Holly (a day one fan of her)

Check out my most favorite singer, James Otto, when you can! I love him SO much!!! (smiles)


I also really like her version of "Carol of the Bells".


gosh so hard to narrow it down. She had so many huge hits and great songs back in her heyday. I remember her fondly and her popularity well.

One way Ticket
Light in your eyes
nothin new under the moon