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Garth Brooks

He was one of the first country artists I remember hearing as a young child in the very early 90s. I remember when Standing Outside the Fire, Papa Loved Mama, That Summer, We Shall Be Free, Two Pina Coladas, and The Dance were all huge hits. Yeah, I know Papa Loved Mama was released in 1991, along with Shameless. And Friends in Low Places was recorded the year I was born but I remember hearing it a lot on the radio in 1992-1993, despite it being out in early 1991. Currently listening to The Thunder Rolls, released in 1990-1991 when I was about 2. I hear he refuses to let any of his music stay up on Youtube without his permission but I have all my favorite tracks on my iTunes playlist ripped from a Greatest Hits CD.

I really wanted to go to the concert in Buffalo back in March but it was impossible because of the damn snow. He performed with Trisha. I really would've loved to go but nooooooooo.

What are your favorite Garth hits?

Like the proverbial cheese, I stand alone. Even while seated.


The Dance

Standing Outside the Fire

The Thunder Rolls

Friends in Low Places



My favorite Garth Brooks hit? Maybe if he got hit by a bus.


Garth Brooks did for Country Music what panty-hose did for finger f-cking.

- Waylon Jennings


I remember my grand parents use to listen to country music well back then. They played him on the radio a lot back then. I remember it well with all of the songs that were mentioned. I remember "The thunder rolls" music video very well as well.