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Garth Brooks

He was one of the first country artists I remember hearing as a young child in the very early 90s. I remember when Standing Outside the Fire, Papa Loved Mama, That Summer, We Shall Be Free, Two Pina Coladas, and The Dance were all huge hits. Yeah, I know Papa Loved Mama was released in 1991, along with Shameless. And Friends in Low Places was recorded the year I was born but I remember hearing it a lot on the radio in 1992-1993, despite it being out in early 1991. Currently listening to The Thunder Rolls, released in 1990-1991 when I was about 2. I hear he refuses to let any of his music stay up on Youtube without his permission but I have all my favorite tracks on my iTunes playlist ripped from a Greatest Hits CD.

I really wanted to go to the concert in Buffalo back in March but it was impossible because of the damn snow. He performed with Trisha. I really would've loved to go but nooooooooo.

What are your favorite Garth hits?

Like the proverbial cheese, I stand alone. Even while seated.


The Dance

Standing Outside the Fire

The Thunder Rolls

Friends in Low Places



My favorite Garth Brooks hit? Maybe if he got hit by a bus.


Garth Brooks did for Country Music what panty-hose did for finger f-cking.

- Waylon Jennings


I remember my grand parents use to listen to country music well back then. They played him on the radio a lot back then. I remember it well with all of the songs that were mentioned. I remember "The thunder rolls" music video very well as well.


When Garth Brooks burst onto the country scene in 1989 with his self-titled debut album this was the start of the new wave of country music that would become huge in the 90's. But if it wasn't for songs like Tomorrow Never Comes and The Dance Garth Brooks would've never been successful as he is today. But all that changed when Garth released his second album No Fences with the popular songs The Thunder Rolls and Friends In Low Places Garth Brooks was on a roll and it continued when Roping The Wind was released in 1991 and with the singles Shameless Rodeo and Go Against The Grain Garth was still on top. But I think his popularity went downhill when he used the moniker Chris Gaines and released the album Garth Brooks In The Life Of Chris Gaines you could tell that Garth Brooks was changing his image and by using the Chris Gaines stage name he had hoped that Chris Gaines would make him famous and make him a movie star as that album and the Chris Gaines moniker was gonna be a movie and soundtrack. But someday maybe Garth will release an album that takes him back to his 80's and 90's roots and be successful as his albums In Pieces and The Chase and Scarecrow