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Favorite Reba McEntire songs

Little Rock (1985)
One Promise Too Late (1986)
You Lie (1990)
Fancy (1990)
The Night The Lights Went Out (1991)
Is There Life Out There (1991)
The Greatest Man I Never Knew (1991)
For My Broken Heart (1991)
The Heart Won't Lie (1992)
And Still (1993-1994)

Not crazy about her later stuff but I guess I'm A Survivor is all right. Not sure how The Last One to Know was a number 1 hit. Ugh I hate that one. lol

Another honorable mention is I Know How He Feels (1988) and How Blue (1984). There were a couple songs I first discovered on her Number 1 hits CD from 2005. The others were ones I remember being hits like Greatest Man, and The Heart Won't Lie and And Still, as I was born just at the peak of her career.

Like the proverbial cheese, I stand alone. Even while seated.


The following are my Reba favorites. (smiles)

"Can't Even Get The Blues"
"Sunday Kind Of Love"
"A New Fool At An Old Game"
"Cathy's Clown"
"Walk On"
"Oklahoma Swing"
"Falling Out Of Love"
"Till You Love Me"
"On My Own"
"The Fear Of Being Alone"
"What If"
"If You See Him/If You See Her"
"Wrong Night"
"I'm Gonna Take That Mountain"
"My Sister"
"Every Other Weekend"
"Up On The House Top" (I love how she does this Christmas song.)

God bless you and her always!!!


P.S. Every song that she did on her TV show was also good. "So Far Away" if that is the name of it is my most favorite. (smiles)

Check out my most favorite singer, James Otto, when you can! I love him SO much!!! (smiles)


Fallin' Out Of Love
Consider Me Gone
I'd Rather Ride Around With You
Turn On The Radio
You Lie
Rumor Has It
For My Broken Heart
Somebody Should Leave
Whoever's In New England
Little Rock
The Fear Of Being Alone
How Blue

honestly everything she's done, I just adore Reba.


You Lie

'Til You Love Me

Cathy's Clown

Gonna listen to her now. : ]


Turn on the radio.
And going out like that.


WHOEVER'S IN NEW ENGLAND. Questionable attitude, but fine singing!


Yes, Whoever's in New England. Didn't she win like five Grammys for that?


walk on
rumor has it
you lie
its your call
They asked about you
why haven't I heard from you
Till you love me